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decentralised identity of individual
Decentralised Identity (DID)
Your data is valuable.
Empower it!
Our Decentralised ID protects your most critical data using cryptographic codes - giving you the ability to monetise the rest.
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 decentralised identity
We have built a trusted environment where people feel safe and rewarded for sharing data on app usage, media consumption, and purchase history.
Through the Decentralised ID we have built a trusted environment where people feel safe and rewarded for sharing data on application usage, media consumption, social media, and purchasing history.
Data prioritised website
We put YOUR data first!
At JM, we offer a fully-compliant environment where people share data on application usage, market research, media consumption, social media activity, and purchasing history.
We ensure that user data is protected at all times, building trust and fostering a safe and rewarding space for data sharing.
Why is it important?
Web platforms and applications often collect and control user data to execute different means of monetisation - ads, insights, direct sales, marketing, hyper targeting etc
But the people who fuel this data monetisation should get their share!
identity management
the process of how to create decentralised identity works
How it works
step 1 towards decentralised identity
Download the Super J App and Create your anonymous Decentralised ID (DID)
step 2 towards decentralised identity
Once created, our user-friendly app gives consumers complete control over their data
step 3 towards decentralised identity
We send data job offers to users via mobile notifications
step 4 towards decentralised identity
Our users complete jobs that suit them and earn rewards